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become a resident in Costa Rica


Welcome Bienvenidos


Costa Rica awaits you,
Pura Vida !

Congratulations! on your decision to relocate to Costa Rica as a Pensionado, Rentista, Inversionista or Vínculo legal resident.

Regardless of the reason you are going to Costa Rica – be it retirement, business, investment or family, at Residency in Costa Rica our goal is to make your transition as easy, worry-free and efficient as possible.

Since 2002, Residency in Costa Rica has been successful in processing hundreds of residency applications for rentista, pensionado, vínculo and inversionista applicants from countries as diverse as the Unites States, Canada, France, England, Thailand, Poland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Australia, Philippines and others.

Working in close partnership with our clients, we determine which residency program the best meets our clients needs and jointly prepare and develop a plan of action as to how the application for residency will be handled. 

We keep the application process simple. In most cases, all the applicant needs to do is to provide us with the key documents and be available to be fingerprinted in San José. We do everything else!


What Does Residency in Costa Rica Do?

Since 2002, Residency in Costa Rica has specialized in only one service: the preparation and filing of applications for prospective Costa Rican residents. We prepare and process your application and supporting documentation while you are still in your country of origin or after your arrival in Costa Rica.  

For applicants living in the U.S. only, we take responsibility for the authentication of your key documents issued in the U.S.  For non-U.S. applicants, we provide you with detailed instructions as to how you can properly authenticate your key documents and verify the accuracy of the authentications once we receive copies of the documents.

Our team of consultants is ready to assist you with your application for resident status in Costa Rica.  We have only one business. One specialty. And one goal: the timely approval of your residency application.

We keep the application process simple. Just drop us a line or call us and be on the road to la Pura Vida!

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