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We know how to keep the Costa Rica residency application process simple, stress-free and efficient. Since 2002, we’ve helped hundreds of people from around the world – and we can help you, too!

Support at Every Step of the Process

Our goal is to keep your application process as simple, stress-free and efficient as possible!

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The first step in your journey to Costa Rican residency is to determine which residency program works best for you. We’ll help you understand the residency options that are available, and guide you to the right residency program based on your qualifications, lifestyle and goals.

Residency Options

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Costa Rica’s application requirements can be challenging – for instance no documents can be older than six months on the date the application is filed. Our expertise will save you time, hassle and lots of frustration.  We’ll prepare your residency application in Spanish, and work with you to gather all needed documents, including:

  • Residency Application Letter
  • Birth Certificate
  • Police Clearance Letter
  • Current Passport
  • Proof of Consular Registration
  • Recent passport-type photographs
  • If applicable: Marriage Certificate
  • Retirees (Pensionados) and Legal Residents (Rentistas):  Proof of Income Letter
  • Business/Investors (Inversionistas): Proof of a direct, verifiable investment of $200,000 USD in Costa Rica. Applicants will need to present additional documentation pertaining to the investment
  • Note: other documentation may be needed, depending on the residency program you select, and your specific circumstances

We’ll also organize your application package to facilitate its review by the Costa Rican authorities.

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Once your documents are assembled, the next step is to get “key” (mandatory) documents authenticated.

For US residents: We’ll take care of authenticating your documents (securing an “Apostille”) on your behalf.

For all other applicants: We’ll provide step-by-step guidance to help you obtain the authentications in your home country.  We’ll also provide you with all relevant information such as addresses and procedures, when available.

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Your authenticated documents must then be translated into Spanish. We’ll take care of this, working with only approved and registered Costa Rican translators to ensure a smooth and efficient filing of your documents.  Unlike other companies, we include this expense in our fee schedule so that you have “no surprises”.

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At last, your residency application is complete and ready to file!  We’ll file your application with Immigration (Departamento de Migración), or assist you with filing it in your home country.

We’ll also pay all required filing, governmental, consular certification fees (“timbres,” when applicable), and attorney fees. (As with translation, these fees are included in our “no surprises” fee schedule.)

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On-the-Ground Support

Our team includes full-time staff in Costa Rica, who will be there “on the ground” to make sure your application process goes as smoothly as possible:

  • The application process includes getting fingerprinted in Costa Rica. We’ll coordinate and accompany you through this process.
  • US and Canada residents: We’ll guide you through your Embassy’s consular registration process or in obtaining your pension income letter.
  • While your application package is awaiting review in San Jose, we’ll act as your official representative and monitor the application until its final disposition by the Immigration authorities.
  • We’ll attend all hearings and communicate with Immigration on your behalf.

Fee Schedule

Our “no surprises” fee schedule includes all reasonable expenses and costs associated with securing your residency in Costa Rica. Unlike other companies, this includes all required filing, governmental, consular certification fees (“timbres”), translations and attorney fees.



Everything went very well at migracion. Mayanye did an absolutely fantastic job in walking us through everything. We have already recommended your service to several people.

E. M., Poland - Retiree (Pensionado)