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Whether you’re seeking adventures or relaxation, the great outdoors or bustling culture, Costa Rica has something for everyone.

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protected parks and wildlife refuges
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Costa Rica is a small country yet it makes a powerful and lasting impression. It is a world-famous eco-tourism destination with incredible terrain and laid back lifestyle. The climate and the people are warm and welcoming. Real estate opportunities are plentiful.  It’s no surprise that it is a top choice for retirement.  Costa Rica has one of the only 5 “Blue Zones” in the world – places where people live longer, healthier and are happier than anywhere else on Earth!

The longest standing democracy in Central America, the country abolished its armed forces in 1949 and has a low crime rate. The cost of living is affordable compared to the United States, and modern amenities include high speed internet, cable, satellite TV and excellent public transportation. The medical system is world-class, and universal medical care means life expectancy is high – over 77 years. Dog or cat-lover? It’s simple to bring pets to Costa Rica, and there’s no quarantine period required.



“Pensionados” will find that Costa Rica has a lower cost of living, making their retirement income go further; affordable and mandatory universal health insurance coverage; inexpensive public transportation systems; and a very stable democratic government.

Legal Residents (Rentistas)

“Rentistas” will find an excellent public school system for their children plus a variety of private bilingual schools; efficient Internet access for telecommuting; and a peaceful and relaxing environment to melt away stress.

Business/Investors (Inversionistas)

“Inversionistas” will find plenty of investment and business opportunities in real estate development, electronics, call centers, manufacturing, tourism and the hospitality industry, among others. Foreign-earned income is not taxable by Costa Rica.

Relationship by Marriage or Birth (Vinculo)

“Vinculo” applicants will receive two unique benefits:  protection of their family and parental rights by Costa Rican Family Law and unrestricted work permits!

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We picked up our Cedulas today! It is so exciting to have them. Thanks for making this happen. I am SO excited to become a resident of Costa Rica.

D. W., US - Retiree (Pensionado)