U.S. income tax avoidance drawing some to Costa Rica

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Another reason to live in Costa Rica? This article appeared in www.amcostarica.com last week. It points that some American citizens are moving to Costa Rica and once there they continue to work by “telecommuting.”  In many cases, telecommuting allows that individual to take advantage of IRS tax rules and they do not pay taxes on foreign earned income of up to $101,000.  Tax savings could be substantial. We strongly recommend you consult with a tax professional familiar with the Foreign Earned Income rules, and how those rules apply to your own circumstances.

Time Magazine Calls Gallo Pinto one of the World’s Healthiest Breakfasts

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Traditional Costa Rican breakfast - Gallo pinto

We all knew that Costa Rican food was good and good for you. Looks like Time Magazine agrees! Mike Dunphy wrote in his column, Eat This, Not That! @EatThisNotThat:

10 Healthy International Breakfasts

Take a cue from these countries’ better-for-you morning meals

#6 – Costa Rica

Black beans—and the heavy amounts of iron, zinc, potassium, thiamin, and folate inside—play a central role in breakfast here. Mixed with rice, spiced with cumin, pepper, and garlic, Gallo Pinto often comes with eggs on the side and a host of vitamin-rich tropical fruits like mango, pineapple, papaya, and plantains. The breakfast might have a lot to do with Costa Rica’s “Blue Zone” designation, given to countries with long-living populations.

Read the whole story in Time Magazine.

10 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job and Move to Costa Rica

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Viva Tropical posted this story by Camille about the reasons retirees and expats decide to move to Costa Rica. Read her full story – the top 10 reasons are:

      1. Stunning Nature Abounds
      2. Great Healthcare is Affordable
      3. Comfortable Climate Year Round
      4. Its Proximity to North America
      5. The Established Expat Community
      6. A Healthy Lifestyle
      7. The Stable Government and Economy
      8. Kind, Generous Local Culture
      9. Outdoor Adventure Opportunities
      10. The Pura Vida Lifestyle