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Attention Rentistas and Inversionistas:

Becoming a Resident of Costa Rica

Just Got Easier!!

Yes, it sure did!  The new Reglamento to Costa Rica’s Ley de Migracion y Extranjeria, in effect since May 17, 2012, is making it easier than ever for Rentistas and Inversionistas to apply for residency.  This is why:

Rentista applicants need to prove income of $2,500 per month for ONLY 24 months, not the 60 months required before the 2012 Reglamento took effect.  That means that you only need to prove ownership of bank account with a balance of $60,000!   And the old requirement of having to prove an account with $150,000?  Gone!! Kaput!!

Inversionista applicants who own a house or land in Costa Rica, can now use the value of their house or land, as registered with the Municipalidad for property tax purposes, as the investment required to apply for Inversionista status. The property’s registered value must be at least US$200,000 in order to meet the requirement.

Are you an environmentally conscious Inversionista but only have $100,000 to invest?  You can now invest $100,000 in a qualified Forestry Plantation project and be able to qualify to apply for residency as an Inversionsita!  Typically, the investment is made in a Teak or other protected-tree species farm.

For additional information on the application requirements, and changes contained in the 2012 Reglamento, please go to our” Residency Programs – Descriptions” page, and the Q&As section.

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